NICOLE ALONI is a French-trained chef and author. Also a certified life coach and team builder, her clients include some of America’s largest companies. Working Kitchen, Nicole’s powerful corporate program, marries her expertise and passion for cooking with her skilled team building and coaching.


“Built on my experience as both a culinary expert and a life coach, these team building adventures are structured around a fast-paced cooking challenge.”

Working Kitchen is a two-part program.

  • The first section is a workshop utilizing classic interactive coaching techniques and improv theater. It takes place in a conference room adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Participants are then surprised by a move into the kitchen where the team building continues through a cooking adventure that requires strong communication and collaboration.

Each program is uniquely designed, yet they all have one thing in common – they build unity while breaking down barriers to better communication and collaboration.

Businesses report measurable growth in the following areas:

  • Clearer communication and trust among team members.
  • Participants feel their ideas and abilities are recognized by others.
  • Greater clarity about each individual’s goals and values and how they align in the workplace.
  • Increased awareness of what is possible with authentic collaboration.

HR experts recognize culinary team building as one of the best employee-development experiences around. Working Kitchen programs are held in professional venues including Seattle’s Hot Stove Society.

Pricing is based on group size, menu and objectives.

Contact Nicole about a Working Kitchen program.