Create a career and a lifestyle that brings you joy and fulfillment.
Realize what is possible for you and your business, project, or vision.

Book signing at Crate & Barrel
Book signing at Crate & Barrel

More than 30 years of experiences as a successful entrepreneur (caterer, restaurateur, food product manufacturer, author, freelance writer, teacher, spokesperson) combined with study through the internationally regarded Coaches Training Institute, provides the foundation for my coaching and consultancy for creative risk takers, entrepreneurs and visionaries.

As your coach, I will help you discover what is possible for you and your business. We work together to create a career and lifestyle that brings you joy and the kind of success you desire. I work with the whole person, bringing into balance the various aspects of life so clients not only reach their potential, but also find deep satisfaction and joy.

Coaching is a remarkable process in which you can find clarity about what you authentically want to achieve with your life. We then work together to create a vision and get you into action. We create a plan (strategy + tactics) that leads you, in measurable steps, towards the life you envision and navigate the roadblocks together. Clients are empowered to take smart, proactive steps that almost always exceed their own expectations.

As a consultant, I marry my coaching strategies with a lifetime of experience to remove the roadblocks in the operation of your business.

As your consultant, I help you:

  • Create an employee manual
  • Establish production standards for your products or services
  • Refine job descriptions and roles
  • Strategize new resources or clients
  • Create time management tools…and much more

And I am still actively pursuing many of the career options you may want to explore. Feet on the stage, hands on-the-knife experience just can’t be replaced.

Coaching is done either in my office in Seattle, or over the phone (the most common method). I typically provide three, 50-minute sessions per month. Although we can tailor our work to your life and needs. I ask new clients to make a three-month commitment to the coaching relationship.

Consulting is usually done in your place of business.

I also specialize in Culinary Team-building programs for corporations, companies and non-profit organizations to enhance communication and collaboration.

For more information, or a free introductory session, email or call me at 206-706-0800.

Shooting a Spokesperson Video in Chicago
Shooting a Spokesperson Video in Chicago