3 Keys to a More Powerful Life; #1 Your Values

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(part 1 of 3 part series) In this 3-part series, I’ll be teaching you a DIY approach to some of the most valuable tools I share with my coaching clients. These can be powerful skills for bringing more ease, more fulfillment and more self-determination to every aspect of your life—from career to relationships. Part 1. Discovering Your Personal Values We are all on a hero(ine)’s journey toward discovering our authentic … Read More


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Step 2: RE-IMAGINE Next we’ll look at where your values coincide with your dreams for the future. Who you really are overlaid with what you long to do will form the template for your reinvention. Here lies the wisdom and the inspiration that will carry you through to the finish. To begin this important step of re-imagination, journal, or write a short story about the life you’d lead if there … Read More


  You may have noticed that I refer to myself as a “reinventionist”. There’s a lot behind my choice to use that tag for myself and my practice. Mostly it’s because I’m drawn to working with people engaged in reinventing themselves because this has played such a large role in my life. I have re-invented myself, from the boots up, at least three times. And I’ve learned some valuable lessons … Read More

Mountain Meditation

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Guided visualizations are one of the most powerful tools in my coaching practice. Essentially this is a way to ease someone into a meditative state. The calm, insights, and focus that can be achieved in this way are both profoundly useful in terms of keeping the coaching on track— and often provide clients with the encouragement they need to begin their own meditation practice. I’ve included here a recording of … Read More

Dr. Rick Hanson talks about “Hardwiring Happiness”

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I think I may have become a TedTalk-aholic! As I click on one and then another inspiring talk by someone I admire, I am so grateful. Grateful that this wonderful organization exits; That someone thought to collect the wisdom of people who really have something to say and share it with all of us. For free.  I am just darn grateful. This video from Dr. Hanson (his Buddha’s Brain is … Read More

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